Coach’s Corner

Ups and Downs,

Maybe is how you sleep or how you get perpared for the game. I know every player is mentaly in the game but is he shape. We had this game weak spots where we usually are strong. As we had batting practice before the game, I had good feeling that we would hit the ball very well today, but I was wrong. We had always players left on base that we could not hit them in to score and that was every inning.

It was not Sebastian Balk day as starting Pitcher. Pitching, hangen curve balls that you can hit a mile away, and not so much help from Shortstop Christian Penger and Toby Bensch playing second base, easy groundballs for double plays. I think it was not there day.

I want to say thanks to everyone who was there to watch us, sorry we could not bring in a win to enjoy.

Good luck Mustangs