Coach’s Corner

What a hell of a Day!

I had planned to finish off this last game with a win, changing the Battingorder, new positions…….

Since we all arrived at the U-Field in a splendid mood, specially the Samba-Bus had a handful of cheering fans to show, our dissapointment was enormous. But we wouldn’t be the Chips, if that situation would bring us down. No way, – we decided that we had to see some Ball – but nothing in Lippstadt or in Dortmund.

At least we had a good excuse to finish this day with sunshine, Bernstein and Rum in the garden – it was a whole lot of fun.

I would like to thank everybody here for their motivation and efforts. Not to forget our fans and helpers for supporting the team in every way.

You all enjoy the time without training – be prepared for next season – training will be harder and „better“……