Coach’s Corner

Pre Game reports, 16-6 after 7 innings.

A rainy day does not stop the Chips for puten in a good show. Excellent Pitching, defence and good batting. With bad weather this winter we had no time to have pitcher training this year and I did not know what to expect.

Gerhard Krajczy as starting Pitcher allows no runs in 3 innings and was relieved by Sebastian Balk with allowing 1 run in 2 innings. At this time I thought I could give my other pitchers a chance to pitch a few balls. Also on the mount was Ralf Klinger, Rico Rehme, and to close it off was Christian Penger. After a long break Rico Rehme faced only 3 batters, a pop up and 2 strike outs, welcome back excellent pitching.

Ground balls and fly outs, the normal defence drills to get players out, that is how we played today. We had 2 double plays this game with excellent defence from Bryan Ramon. Playing third base and shortstop every ground ball was an out. I think as infielder he will help the team a lot.

I could see we were more relaxed at our first plate appearance. I had everyone bunt the first time at bat to get the feel from live pitching this year, (keeping the eye on the ball). We had only 8 hits this game, but it is our first this year. I think it will get better as we warm up for the coming season.

I want to say thanks again to the team Bochum/Herne for the test game.

Next Pre Game is against Witten, they are a class higher than us. We will have to wait and see what happens.