Coach’s Corner

Feb. 12th 2011. So we met the other teams again in our 2nd Winterliga game. A very good start: 7 wins in a row, with only 7 players.

It was hard for the kids, not enough players to switch and to give others a rest. So we lost the last 3 games and ended up with 7 wins and 3 losses.

It was hard but fun.

My Co-Trainer Christian Penger and I, we were very proud of the team today. The fighting Chipmunks today were: Patrick, Justin, Philipp, Rene, Tadas, Christian and Niki.

Thanks to the parents and scorers and Gerd (Umpire) for helping us out. The Winterliga will take a break next weekend, so we will go to Witten and play in their indoor tournament on Feb. 20th.