Coach’s Corner

Pre Game Report, 19-5, 9 Innings

Pitching staff did well again. On the new mound on Temper Field, Rico, Gerd, Sebastian and Christian showed no weakness. Carsten und Ralf took a day off this weekend with minor injuries.

Our pitching is going very well these pre games. They threw pitches that the defence could react and make easy outs.

We have started strong and have to end strong.

Don’t let us forget to mention the good job from our new catcher Christian Penger. Well done keep it up.

Our offence is getting better and better. Even though that we are sometimes still watching and thinking too long. But with some effort it will come along.

Dirk Lange had 4 good at bats, with 2 sac bunts and 2 base hits.

I proudly can say that you all are showing good team work.

I want to say thanks to Axel, Jo and the catering team for their help.

Thanks Lippstadt for showing up even though the weather was not so good in the beginning.

We will have training now twice a week since the time changed, Tuesday and Thursday´s 18:00.